13th February 2018

VHL Research Presentation for Patients at Sheffield University

Saturday 30th June 2018

Freek van Eeden carries out research on zebra fish (apparently they have 2 VHL genes) and the preliminary plan is for one of his PhD students to give a talk about the zebra fish, followed by a tour of the aquarium/laboratory. Freek would then talk to the group and give details of the research that he is doing into the precise functions of the VHL gene. He believes that the gene may not only be a tumour suppressor, but that it also acts as a gene repair tool which may be partly responsible for the growth of tumours in VHL patients. There would be the usual time at the end for questions and answers.

This research is providing another important dimension to our understanding of the functions of the VHL gene, which may eventually impact upon the treatment of VHL and other diseases (he mentioned dementia as an example).

Lunch & refreshments will be provided.
Tickets are £5 per person.

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