3rd July 2014

Masquerade Party raises over £3,000 for VHL UK/Ireland!

A Masquerade Party raised over £3,000 for the charity on Friday 26th September 2014. The event saw over 230 guests attend to support both VHL UK/Ireland and Cancer Research, with over £6000 raised for both charities.

The event took place at Holiday Inn West Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and included a three course meal with drinks, a charityraffle, silent auction, photographer, chocolate fountain and candy floss vendors and more.vhl-uk-ireland-masquerade-party-news

VHL pin badges and t-shirts/vests were also sold on the night, raising an additional £150. VHL disease wine glass charms were also on sale to contribute to raising funds and awareness.

Graham Lovitt, Co-Chair of VHL UK/Ireland was overwhelmed by the support shown, saying “I would like to add my sincere thanks to Vixstar for making a fabulous evening to over 230 people. The sum of money raised for the charity completely exceeded my expectations as well as, perhaps more importantly, raising awareness of the rare VHL.

After the success of the 2014 Masquerade Party, event organisers Vixtstar hope to announce an event for 2015 shortly – find out more at http://www.vixstar.net/

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VHL UK/Ireland aims to raise funds via fundraising and donations for research, provide information and support for those affected and raise awareness.

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