Kat's 1st VHL Fundraiser 13th April 2017

Although I take pride in living my life as ‘normally’ as I can, there is barely a week that goes by, where Von Hippel Lindeau does not affect me or my family in some form. But most of the time, only those close to me know this. However, since revealing I have VHL very publicly last year, I vowed to do more to support others, raise awareness and help fund raise for vital research into a cure.

Whilst I’m going off for a nice little sleep on 13th April, some very clever radiographers
are going to use a very clever technique to hopefully obliterate my first VHL kidney tumour. It’s set to be a walk in the park compared to my last VHL (brain) surgery in 2004, going blind in one eye in 2010 and the bigger ones that inevitably loom in the years ahead.

Before Cryo Ablation surgery became available, I would have lost this kidney in the next few hours, because of the tumour’s position. Medical advances like this are happening all the time. And the researchers into my condition, strongly believe if they can find the cure for VHL, it could unlock the cure for Cancer. But, they need funding!

Operation: Sponsored Selfie

So the challenge is this…

If, by the time I wake up from my operation, between my lovely 450 facebook friends and beyond (feel free to share), I can raise at least £100, I will ask my (rather lush) surgical team for a #selfie with me and my TWO kidneys, before I am discharged! Er, embarrassing!

I can’t wait to wake up and see if I have to ask!?!

Big love and thanks!

#operation:sponsoredselfie #vhl #vhlawareness #thecureforcancerisinourgenes

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