Fenella, Alex & Cressida JAILBREAK - How far can we hitchhike in 36 hours 11-March-2017

For this challenge we will be raising money for von Hippel-Lindau – a syndrome that affects one of our team member’s brother and father. It is a genetic form of cancer which causes tumours predominantly of the kidney, retina, spinal cord and brain, and if left untreated will become cancerous.
VHL is a rare disease, affecting only 1 in 36,000 people, so fundraising is very scarce. The money we raise will go towards research for VHL, however, advances in this field are also beneficial in the greater scale of battling cancer.

Bristol to where in 36 hours?
As three competitive, star reaching and (self-proclaimed) savvy first year students, we are planning (without any planning) on getting as far away from university life as possible in honour of a very worthy cause, close to our hearts.

Fenella, Alex & Cressida raised with Gift Aid £2,345.50 (target £1500) and they hitchhiked 2000 miles in 36 hours and got to the Canary Islands – Marvellous achievement.
Fundraiser now closed see https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/fenellamawdsley1

VHL UK/Ireland aims to raise funds via fundraising and donations for research, provide information and support for those affected and raise awareness.

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