Chris Bonin Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon 9th October 2016

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Please sponsor me! I’m running the Great Eastern half marathon in October to raise money for research into VHL – a rare genetic disease that has directly affected my family- we’ve suffered from pancreatic cancer, an endo lymphatic sac tumour, 3 pheochromocytomas, and loads of angiomas… We’ve lost 2 adrenal glands, the central sight in one eye, the hearing in one ear, a gall bladder, bile duct, a duodenum, a pylorus, part of the small intestine, 2 ribs and no end of hours worrying or waiting by a bedside or a waiting room and that’s just my family! Whilst it’s a rare disorder it still strikes 1 in 32000 births and some families are affected much worse than mine. Anything that you can donate would go towards research into understanding this horrible bloody disease and would be hugely appreciated.

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VHL UK/Ireland aims to raise funds via fundraising and donations for research, provide information and support for those affected and raise awareness.

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