Charity members & minutes

VHL UK/Ireland members and minutes

VHL UK/Ireland Committee Members

Graham Lovitt – Trustee, Chair
Janice Hepworth – Trustee, Co-Chair, Secretary
Nat Mason – Trustee, Co-Chair, Treasurer
Roxanne Bonin – Trustee, Co-Chair, Marketing & Fundraising Officer
Gloria Proby – Trustee, Co-Chair
Amy Henson – Trustee
Elaine Graham – Trustee
Ellen Wentworth – Trustee
John Hepworth – Trustee
Tony Horton – Trustee, Scientific Adviser

The committee can be contacted by email


The VHL UK/Ireland Constitution defines four classes of membership. Membership is open to everyone with an interest in the work of the charity.

1. Full membership

This includes voting rights (one per branch/organisation) and is open to voluntary sector and charitable organisations whose primary aim is to improve the quality of life for people affected by VHL and similar genetic conditions like HLRCC and BHD.
Membership fee £50.00 per year shared with the VHL Alliance.

2. Associate membership

With no voting rights, membership is open to organisations with some responsibility for the provision, commissioning or development of services for the welfare of people affected by VHL and similar genetic conditions like HLRCC and BHD.
No membership fee.

3. Full individual membership

This includes voting rights and is open to anyone diagnosed with VHL and similar genetic conditions like HLRCC and BHD, or directly affected by such a diagnosis, including families, friends and carers.
Membership fee £10.00 per year shared with the VHL Alliance.
Trustees and people making regular monthly donations are automatically members.

Contact us to apply for membership.


VHL UK/Ireland Constitution August 4th, 2016

Meeting Minutes, Reports of the VHL UK/Ireland Charity

Committee Meeting August 31st, 2017(Draft)

Committee Meeting May 4th, 2017

Annual General Meeting May 4th, 2017(Draft)

Committee Meeting February 9th, 2017

Committee Meeting November 17th, 2016

Committee Meeting August 4th, 2016

Committee Resolution Meeting August 4th, 2016

Annual Report 2015-2016

Committee Meeting May 12th, 2016

Annual General Meeting May 12th, 2016

Committee Meeting February 11th, 2016

Committee Meeting November 19th, 2015

Committee Meeting August 6th, 2015

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual General Meeting May 7th, 2015

Committee Meeting May 7th, 2015

VHL UK/Ireland Constitution February 6th, 2015(superceded)

Extra Ordinary General Meeting February 6th, 2015

VHL UK/Ireland aims to raise funds via fundraising and donations for research, provide information and support for those affected and raise awareness.

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